Indoor growing

Not everyone believes they have a green thumb. Fortunately ample synthesises key growing components to enable you to experience the fun and joy of having a green thumb without the challenges and complexities of traditional farming.
Grow Lights
Plant growth is an energy-intensive process. Plants need enough light, and the right kind of light, to get the job done. If growing indoors is your only option, access to natural daylight can sometimes be difficult. Luckily ample conveniently distills the three fundamentals of plants and light, transforming your indoor growing area into a thriving urban farm.


Just like us plants need their sleep. Many plants are photoperiodic meaning they require different durations of light and darkness depending on their phase of growth. ample creates a custom light cycle based on your plant type and maturity to ensure they thrive.


It may seem logical to grow your plants with the brightest light. However plants have a point in which they can’t absorb any more light. ample delivers your plants the most efficient brightness over its photoperiod to ensure you don’t fry them.


Not all light is equal. The range of colours a plant receives during growth can determine how effectively it can produce carbohydrates. ample ensures plants receive the correct colour spectrum to aid the photosynthetic process.