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  • ample is an Australian-owned design company established in 2020. We create design-led horticultural lighting solutions. Our lights are backed by research and driven by technology. They are carefully crafted with high-quality materials and an eye for design.

  • Plants have always relied on natural light for their survival. The problem is that modern buildings lack sufficient access to natural light for healthy plant growth.

    Through advanced horticultural lighting technology we are able to reintroduce nature back into urban spaces. This revitalisation produces measurable effects on physical and psychological health.

  • Charles Skender

  • Founder and director Charles Skender is a practicing industrial designer with over a decade of experience developing a range of consumer products. Charles studied industrial design at RMIT graduating with first class honours in 2012. After a number of years working in Melbourne's design industry he founded ample.

    Having moved from Perth to Melbourne to study, Charles found himself living in apartments. While here he experimented with a variety of horticultural lighting solutions in an attempt to re-create the plant filled environments of his childhood. Dissatisfied with the lack of options, he set about creating a new typology of object, blending both architectural and horticultural lighting vocabulary.