ample was born from the understanding that urbanisation is not stopping anytime soon. As a society we love cities, we find comfort in living close to others, we enjoy the spontaneity of city life, the access to culture and opportunity. Urban living also creates a very barren environment; access to nature is limited, and this has really come to the detriment of our mind, body and planet. There must be a different approach; urban living and connection to nature should not be mutually exclusive.

The problem is urban homes tend to be lacking in natural life. There is also a very limited vocabulary of possibilities when it comes to horticultural lighting. Current solutions either require specialised knowledge or a large designated area and are very pragmatic in their design approach. Apartment living is dynamic and space is a premium, every object you put inside this environment needs to not only perform well but blend in with the interior aesthetic. We aim to create new forms of indoor gardening furniture that are thoughtfully designed to fit into your home.