Fequently Asked Questions

How do I expand my seed starter pellets?

Place your coco pellets into the slots at the bottom of the germination tray base with the small hole  facing up. Carefully pour lukewarm water over the pellets. You need about ¾ litre for ten tablets. Let it soak for about five minutes. Pour off any excess water.


How do I sow my seeds?

Once your seed starter pellets are fully expanded, place 2 seeds in every pellet. The planting depth for each seed can be found on the satchel. If necessary, cover the seeds with some of the coco coir.


Where do I put my germination tray?

Place the germination tray in a bright and warm place away from direct sunlight.


How often should I water my seeds?

Keep your seed starter pellets moist during the growth and germination period, but avoid stagnant moisture. It should take about 3-4 days for your seed starter pellet to dry out. If your pellets are taking longer to dry out try giving them a little less water. Watering plants too often can cause symptoms associated with overwatering.


When should I feed my seeds with fertiliser?

When your seeds sprout you will see their cotyledons or ‘seedling leaves’. Don’t worry about them at this point. A couple of weeks later they’ll form their first true leaves. At this point you can give your seeds a dose of fertiliser, following the mixing instructions found on the satchel. Repeat this process once a week.


When should I remove the germination tray lid?

When your seeds sprout and become seedlings rotate the lid to prop it open and encourage air circulation. When all your seedlings have a few sets of true leaves and are growing vigorously, remove the lid during the day and replace at night. Gradually expose them to full sunlight. 


When are my seeds ready to leave the germination tray?

When there are visible roots at the bottom of each pellet (around two to four weeks) your plants are ready for the garden or container. 


How do I transfer my seeds into a garden or container?

The night before you plan to transfer your seeds it is best to water with a dose of fertiliser. Prepare a hole deep enough to cover all the seed starter pellet. Fill it with water and let it drain. Place in your seedling, gently firm down and spray with water. 

My seed starter pellet appears to have mould. What do I do?

The key to successful seed raising is warmth, humidity and a growing medium. Unfortunately this also creates an ideal environment for mould. The best way to avoid mould is to eliminate as many factors as possible and still give your seeds the best chance to germinate. A way to combat mould is to make sure you are not over-watering (it should take about 3-4 days for your seed starter pellet to dry out). If your pellets are taking longer to dry out try giving them a little less water. Increasing air flow can also help your pellets dry out and eliminate stagnant air which promotes mould.


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