ample info: Issue 7

A few months ago we had the pleasure of meeting Duncan and Dominic at The Plant Runner. They were very kind to let us chew their ears off about everything ample. We are very excited to be retailing our seed kits through their store. If you need anything indoor plant related - these are your people.

It’s crazy that no matter how much you refine a product in a 3D program, seeing something come together in real life is always a surprise. After a few delays, those metal parts we had a few months ago are now painted and in our hands. We are really pleased with the level of finish we were able to achieve and can’t wait to have these available.

When we first started this project our dream was to have as much of this process as possible made locally.. This was partly driven by the inability to visit offshore partners. After many conversations we soon realised that in order to deliver the plant light 1 to you at a realistic price we needed to move offshore. Our order quantities are just not there to make onshore manufacturing feasible (but we never say never). 

However we are still conducting final assembly and testing in our own workshop. This has resulted in a design that is not just easily assembled but also easily repaired. As we refine the unit price we are also looking to offer a repair program that offers replacement components as close to cost price as possible. Once you purchase your ample plant light you have it forever.