ample info: Issue 4

Welcome back!

This week we had the amazing opportunity to meet with environmental activist and zero-waste innovator Joost Bakker at his newly built Greenhouse at Melbourne's Federation Square. Chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett will be living in it over the next three months growing and eating all their own food produced under the roof. This not only demonstrates our vision for a decentralised agricultural system but is living proof that it can seamlessly fit into urban living. The impact buildings like this can have on lowering carbon emissions generated by agriculture is limitless. We were truly blown away and inspired by the efforts of Joost and we highly recommend you go check it out. Tour dates are opening soon and bookings are essential. You can check out the project here.

When it rains it pours! That's how the last month has felt here at ample HQ. Months of designing, developing and iterating have finally come to a head. In the process of finalising everything we stumbled upon a dilemma with shipping the plant light to different time zones. As default sunrise will be set to 6:00am GMT we wondered how someone in say Melbourne (GMT +11) would be able to adjust this to suit. Add on to this our desire to keep the interface purely analogue (because who doesn't love turning a dial). Enter industrial design royalty Dieter Rams. The RCS 9 amplifier and receiver he designed for Braun in 1961 is a classic and full of analogue inspiration. Applying this to the plant light we were able to create a knurled rotary dial in which the end user can offset the pre-set sunrise time to suit their time zone. Whether you're in Melbourne or Madrid - the plant light will always rise at 6:00am local time!

Keep growing,