horticultural track lighting system

PL02 is a 48V horticultural track lighting system. Designed for maximum flexibility, it grows with your plants. Luminaires can be simply added to achieve higher brightness and increase uniformity or arranged to target specific areas.

redefined details

PL02 brings simple and universal design to the world of horticultural lighting. Often pragmatic in their form, PL02 redefines the need for grow lights, bringing advanced horticultural lightning technology to architectural spaces.

highly versatile

PL02 can be mounted a variety of different ways. Either suspended from the ceiling over a planter, ceiling/wall mount for green infrastructure or vertical gardens or use the floor stand to transform a dark corner. It's minimal form and refined lines make it an ideal compliment to a wide range of settings.

defined illumination

Utilising state-of-the-art secondary optics from LEDiL, PL02 has been specifically developed to take uniform illumination to a whole new level. Combined with our light engine, it distributes photons evenly to create a clearly defined grow area that is highly efficient.

Available in 60° or 90° beam angles.

engineered for growth

Our high CRI, full spectrum light engines use the latest Samsung LED diodes (LM301H). These LEDs are amongst the highest quality and most efficient chips on the market and provide a light optimised for plant growth.

embedded cooling

Discreetly embedded into the design is the unique aluminium heat sink which provides passive cooling. This feature prevents the LED diodes from overheating and ensures longevity.

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